Autoflex Matte Finish

All the benefits, without the shine..

Matte and Satin finishes are some of the most popular in the custom auto communities. Enjoy a clean, aggressive look while maintaining all the benefits of the famous AutoFlex™ High Gloss topcoat.

Stats and Figures:

  • Matte, low shine finish
  • Remains flexible over time, will not get brittle or flaky
  • Scratch and Mar Resistant
  • Gasoline Resistant
  • Auto-leveling for smooth finish
  • Hard, slick to the touch
  • Ready for application within an hour of last base/color/pearl coat
  • High clarity

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Below is a Lexus IS250 we sprayed in autoflex yellow with the matte finish.

other Autoflex matte Installs

Matte Blue Autoflex on Harley Davidson Fairings